Offer Service Description How to use FAQ
  1. How to register?

    It takes only a few simple steps to register for your Tap & Go Mobile Payment Service. Application is easy and no annual fee and deposit required!

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  2. How to top up
    Choose the prepaid amount for your Tap & Go. Top-up either by cash or credit card at your choice, flexibly to meet your needs. Top-up via Tap & Go Mobile Wallet and online account, or go to 1O1O Center, 7-Eleven or Circle K
     for cash top-up, quick and easy!

    Cash Top-up
    You may top-up your account at 1O1O Center, 7-Eleven or Circle K in cash. Top-up amounts range from HK$100 to HK$3,000 (multiple of HK$50). Maximum top-up of HK$3,000 per day is allowed. When you top-up your account at 7-Eleven or Circle K, simply present the QR code embedded in the mobile wallet to a cashier.

    Credit Card Top-up
    By linking up your Tap & Go with Dah Sing credit card^ (VISA or MasterCard®), you can set up auto top-up or use on-demand top-up any time (minimum and maximum top-up amounts are HK$500 and HK$10,000 respectively, multiple of HK$50). Auto top-up is only allowed once per day.

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^Dah Sing credit card top-up is applicable to Tap & Go SIM only.