Step into the new era of 5G, and create a new 5G audio-visual entertainment experience!

The everyday lives of  1O1O customers will be enhanced by 5G’s higher speed, stable connectivity and low-latency features. Enter the 5G world now and start a new entertainment experience.


  • Owning a private theater with a top 100-inch screen
  • Browse online VR content anytime, anywhere
  • Enjoy hot VR game content


Explore a surreal and immersive VR adventure. The city’s most stimulating VR games.Enjoy seven VR games for the special monthly subscription fee. We present a variety of stunning adventures, so you can engage in exhilarating and breathtaking exploits. Team up with friends to escape reality and plunge yourself into extraordinary battles that rage in the VR world.

List of games

Baby Shark

A gift to parents!
Baby Shark guides children to a magnificent world under the sea. Discover a spectacular ocean with Baby Shark. Colorful musical bubbles are spurted by a bubble gun. Party with Baby Shark and dance with Baby Monkey Banana!

Extreme Challenge

Surpass yourself before conquering others!
Different types of zombies can be found in an abandoned factory, but they are now stronger and more muscular. Some need to be shot repeatedly before they go down, so be careful not to run out of bullets.

Shooting Range

Immerse yourself in a lifelike shooting range.
Unleash your full potential and compete with others in this compelling VR game of marksmanship.

Hostage Rescue

You’ll have no regrets after downloading this intriguing game!
Hostages are held in a silent jail by cunning scoundrels. Pay attention to the surrounding environment and knock down villains, so you can rescue the hostages. Beware of losing marks when innocent hostages fall casualty to your efforts.

Zombie Street

An immersive first-person shooter game.
The aim is to score by shooting zombie targets rapidly and precisely. Pay attention to the surrounding environment, while maintaining a fast pace in slaying the undead.

Hostage Rescue 2

1O1O presents a brand new experience!
Don't let the cunning scoundrels escape as you rescue hostages. Focus on shooting the villains as they move rapidly, but be careful not to hit any hostages. You can check your game ranking and learn from the master.

Zombie Street 2

1O1O presents you with the second wave of a sensational VR experience.
The player is presented with a higher level of difficulty, as zombie targets are hidden behind partition walls and a remote tower. You have to search for zombies rapidly to slay them all.

Service Plan

  Monthly Plan: HK$48

Standalone purchase

PICO G2 4K VR Headset x 1set

Suggested Regular Price HK$1,499

VR - Game Pack Terms & Conditions
1. To use this Game Pack, you must use it with a designated compatible device. Before you use this Game Pack, please check and ensure that your device connected to this Game Pack is compatible.
2. The validity period of this Game Pack is one month from the date of your initial activation or subsequent subscription (as the case may be).
3. The games of this Game pack are provided by third party suppliers, contents of which are subject to change without any prior notice. We are not the provider of the games of the said game pack and we make no representation or guarantee as to the quality of such the games . We accept no liability for any matters arising from, or in relation to the game pack. Any dispute or complaint in connection with the game must be directed to the supplier at
4. You shall be bound by such additional terms and conditions promulgated by CSL Mobile Limited or the third party service provider of the games under this Game Pack. We and/or such third party service provider may amend any provisions of these “VR Game Pack Terms and Conditions”, the “CSL Mobile Limited General Terms and Conditions” and/or such additional terms and conditions promulgated the third party service provider at any time by publishing an updated version on any Club SIM’s or such third party service provider’s websites or mobile app. By continuing to use this Game Pack, you will be deemed to accept the updated “VR Game Pack Terms and Conditions”, “Club SIM General Terms and Conditions” and/or additional terms and conditions promulgated the third party service provider, and be bound by them.