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Available to both iOS and Android devices.
1O1O 5G service users will have the cost of their data usage waived when playing designated mobile games or using a live broadcast app.

Optimize your gaming experience with
5G Android Privilege from 1O1O~

Use Google One to back up your Android 5G phone

Watch youtube Premium without Interruption

Play with low latency. Earn Google Play Points and get rewards


Photos for reference only.

1O1O Direct Carrier Billing^

1O1O customers can subscribe to 1O1O Direct Carrier Billing service free of charge, then have purchases of mobile game content from the App Store and Google Play charged to their monthly 1O1O bills.

Terms & Conditions:
1. Photos for reference only. Offer available while stocks last.
2. Offers cannot be used in conjunction with other discounts, offers or promotions.
3. In the event of dispute, decisions made by CSL Mobile Limited shall be final and binding. For details, please contact a member of our 1O1O Center staff or call 2988 1010.
Mobile Game Data Waiver Package Terms & Conditions:
1. You must be an existing 1O1O 5G service plan subscriber to qualify for the Mobile Game Data Waiver Package*. This offer does not include data usage when downloading or updating a game, and covers only  local data usage after logging into a game. Any waiver of charge in respect of local data usage applies only in Hong Kong. * Please refer to 1O1O webpage for the announcement of the games are covered by Mobile Game Data Waiver  Package from time to time.
2. A game’s domain and/or IP address required when applying for a waiver of any data charge is provided by the game service provider. CSL Mobile Limited shall not be responsible for any loss to a customer if a domain and/or IP address update results in a waiver of local data charge becoming  unavailable.
3. CSL Mobile Limited reserves the right to adjust games in respect of the Mobile Game Data Waiver Package without notice. Please refer to for details.
~5G Android Privilege:
1. Customer must purchase a designated 5G Android handset (offer not applicable to Huawei handsets) and subscribe to a designated 5G Prestige service plan, plus value-added services to the value of at least HK$39 per month. Must agree to a 24-month commitment period and pay a monthly administrative fee of HK$18, plus a handset prepayment sum.
2. Google, Android, Google Play, Google One and other marks are trademarks of Google LLC.
3. The offer is applicable only to those newly subscribing to a designated monthly Android handset plan (including new or renewed contract). Customer needs to activate the mobile service between May 1, 2020 and January 31, 2021. The designated phone list will be updated at our company website.
4. The offer is applicable only when using 1O1O Direct Carrier Billing service to pay the cost of subscription and content at the Google Play Store.
5. For the details Terms and Conditions of 5G Android Privilege, please refer to
^ 1O1O Direct Carrier Billing Terms & Conditions:
1. Direct Carrier Billing Services is a Value Added Service for designated personal customers of 1O1O service plans (Except Tertiary Student U-Plan and pre-paid card) (“Service”).The Service is only available with compatible devices. Terms & Conditions applies and Please refer to for details