- applies to all new contracts relating to 1O1O subscribed to by consumer customers from July 1, 2011 onwards.


1. Mobile Number Porting

If you request for the Porting of your mobile number from another mobile operator and if through no fault of us, the mobile number Porting is unsuccessful, you will have to choose a new 1O1O mobile number for the Application. In such a case, all promotions (including rebates and waivers) which are conditional upon successful Porting will be forfeited by you. If you do not choose a new 1O1O mobile number, we will regard you to have cancelled the Application and you will have to pay us the Pre-activation Cancellation Charge.


2. BlackBerry

2.1 If you switch to our BlackBerry Internet Service, you must request your prior BlackBerry service provider to release your BlackBerry account to us. If by the target Commencement Date (as specified in the Application), your prior BlackBerry service provider shall have failed to release your BlackBerry account to us, the Commitment Period (as specified in the Application) of your BlackBerry Internet Service will still commence as scheduled on the target Commencement Date.

2.2 If you purchase a BlackBerry device from us, we will provide a limited warranty to you for a period of 24 months according to our prevailing maintenance policy.


3. Prepayment

In some cases, we may require you to make a prepayment for 1O1O Mobile Service. If you are required to make a prepayment, we will specify this in the Application. Prepayment will be refunded to you as rebates as specified in your Application for 1O1O Mobile Service. Prepayment, however, will not be refunded to you if you terminate 1O1O Mobile Service before the Commitment Period ends.


4. Ending 1O1O Mobile Service

You can tell us to stop providing 1O1O Mobile Service by calling our hotline on 28881010. In some cases, you may have to pay us the Early Termination Charges and other Cancellation Charges for ending 1O1O Mobile Service or the Contract for 1O1O Mobile Service, please refer to the General Conditions of Telecommunications Service (Consumer Customers) for details.