Service Notification: Your IDD, Roaming Services and the Data Roaming Day Pass will be activated
From 23 April 2018 onwards, we will activate your IDD and Roaming Services (data roaming, voice roaming, SMS, video call & etc) for you to stay connected with your dear ones. To ensure no bill shock, our Data Roaming Day Pass will allow you to use data at a fixed rate for 24 hours upon acceptance of using data roaming at Data Roaming Day Pass covered destinations. If you do not need roaming services, please contact our customer service hotline on 2888 1010.

We will send SMS to notify you the activation of your roaming services. If you wish to deactivate your roaming service or have any enquiries, please call our customer hotline. You can download the 1O1O Service App, or visit the websites below for roaming charge details.
* Designated customers do not include customers (1) on a BlackBerry plan, (2) on a data-only plan (3) on a Smart PaMa plan (4) on a Primary or Secondary Student SIM plan (5) Aged 65 or over (6) already activated roaming services; or (7) Business Customer Registration.
Roaming Zonal rate

With effective from 11 April 2017, we are arranging data roaming service upgrades of selected customers from using “Roaming Zonal” rates to the Data Roaming Day Pass. It will enable you to manage your data roaming spending more effectively with greater flexibility via 1O1O App. The Data Roaming Day Pass offers the fixed rate for data roaming usage for 24 hours after first use while roaming with more than 190 destinations. This service upgrade will not interrupt your local service. Please call customer service hotline on 2888 1010 if you do not accept this arrangement. For the charges and service details of Data Roaming Day Pass, please visit
Coverage and Charges

Our roaming services is covered more than 300 destinations, you can enjoy your voice and data services while roaming via our partners' networks at the overseas destinations.
  1. Destinations using the GSM standard
  2. Destinations using the 3G/UMTS standard
  3. The Americas including the USA, Canada, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Peru, etc. (GSM 850/1900 or iDEN standard) *
  4. Satellite nerworks provide coverage to regions where ground based networks are not deployed.
Please select your destination below for coverage and charging information

- As roaming service relies on third party service providers, the charges quoted above are for reference only and subject to changes from time to time without prior notice due to changes in third party service providers' tariffs, exchange rates, overseas tax rates, call duration round up, different duration chargeable units and flagfall charge. Charges to landline and mobile phones may differ depending on the third party service providers.

- Additional chargers may be incurred for calling satellite numbers and premium rate numbers to access certain services such as: directory inquiry services; operator assisted services; information/content services; diplomatic services; booking and registration services; voting services; support services; gaming, competition and lottery services; and other value-added services. Additional services not set out in the above tables may be provided by third party service providers and may be subject to additional chargers.

- Roaming call charges will apply once a call is answered (even if the call is answered by any automatic answering systems including announcement, tone machine, etc). In some circumstances, roaming call charges may still apply to the ringing time due to special call routing design of third party service providers in the event if a call is not answered.

Note: The charges quoted above are for reference only. For any queries on usage charges, please contact our customer service hotline on (852) 2871 1010.

Click here to check Home Call tariff and dialing method

Just call 2871 1010 one day before your departure for registration of roaming service.

IDD deposit is not required. The roaming deposit is waived, if you use an autopay service to settle your bill, otherwise HK$500 pre-payment.