As we create new accounts and join new services, we create more and more passwords, but do we always give proper thought to if they’re secure?

The answer to that is probably not. You only need to know a doodle. You can find the password you need anytime, anywhere. This is where a Forghetti password manager comes in.



One-stop solution for Password management for multiple services

One-stop solution for
Password management

No password stored by Forghetti.

User can retrieve on different platforms.

Password Secure.
Forget your passwords

Forghetti is a simple to use password generator and manager designed for everyone. All you ever need to remember is one simple doodle to generate all your unique passwords.

Super strong
passwords in a doodle

Don’t stress about remembering so many passwords, you just need to remember a simple doodle.

Draw a doodle
to get your password

Draw a doodle

Any doodle drawn in forghetti will generate a password, but when you draw YOUR doodle you get YOUR password.

Every password is different

You only need to remember one little doodle. Use forghetti for all your accounts, upgrade your existing passwords or generate new ones. Find your passwords organised in one place.

Passwords generated, not stored

Our Cofoundry automatically generates your passwords on demand when you need them. They are not saved in a database anywhere. You draw your doodle and the code generated on your device is encrypted. Your passwords can only be generated by your doodle, which only you know.

Three simple steps to
generate all your unique passwords

  • 1. Choose your login

  • 2. Draw your doodle

  • 3. Get your password!

Get your passwords
on any device

Access forghetti from your phone, tablet or computer. We have apps for iOS, Android, Mac, PC and the web.

All you need is an internet connection and your phone.

Group creation

You can create groups of logins and share them with your family members or have them share some with you.

Limit who has access to what, and keep your personal passwords separate from the ones you share.

Service Charge

Password Management Combo

HK$18/ month #*
HK$28/ month ^*
HK$39/ month ~*

Password Management Combo include:
# : Forghetti Password Management + SafetyNet
^ : Forghetti Password Management + Norton Mobile Security + SafetyNet
~ : Forghetti Password Management + Norton Secure VPN + Norton Mobile Security + SafetyNet

Video guides

Account creation

Manage shareable groups

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