Take control of your incoming calls with hassle free user experience!
Call Filtering empowers you to block spam calls and allows only certain callers to get through.
Block spam calls/prevent deception calls
Network based system to detect, analyze and filter the spam calls before they can reach you thus keep you free from nuisance.
Higher security/prevent privacy breaches
Customer's contact list is never accessed as part of our security process.
Customize your own black/white lists
Enjoy more flexibility and control with your "Personal Blacklist" and "Personal Whitelist".
"Personal Whitelist" allows only selected phone numbers to reach you. In addition, if you want to receive any specific spam call for some reasons, you can add the caller to the whitelist.

Advertisements are never displayed
Highly compatible
Works on all handsets, including smartphones and feature phones. Compatible with multiple platforms using a sync-to-the-cloud setting. The experience remains constant across different devices.
Main Functions
Block Anonymous Calls
You can reject calls with no caller ID by using the “Block Anonymous Calls” feature. When an anonymous number calls, your phone will not ring. The rejected call is connected to an announcement advising you no longer wish to receive anonymous calls.
Personal Blacklist
Create your own "Personal Blacklist" (max. 200) to block selected phone numbers. Such callers are immediately connected to a “the called party is unreachable” announcement.
Personal Whitelist/ VIP List
You can create your own "Personal Whitelist" (max. 200) if you want to receive calls from selected phone numbers. All other calls will be diverted to voicemail. If you want to let specific spam calls to reach you, you can add these numbers to the Personal Whitelist as well. If you add a "Personal Whitelist" number to the "VIP List", calls from that number will not be blocked, even when the caller chooses not to display his/her phone number.