IDD 001 - International voice service
When making overseas calls, 1O1O's IDD 001 is the service for you.

How to use IDD 001
To make a 001 call, follow the steps shown below :

International Access Code Country Code Area Code (if any) Local Telephone Number

The example shows a call to Toronto:

001 1 416 xxx xxx

Calling Code and Price of Major Destinations

Caller Number Display for Incoming International Calls
When you receive incoming calls from overseas, the caller's phone number will be displayed on your handset. The caller's phone number will be displayed either as "+ country/area code and phone number" or as the name stored inside your phone book*. The service** is provided to you free of charge if you have signed up to "Caller Number Display".

*Whether the caller's name is displayed or not depends on the handset. If it is, and the caller's number is retrieved and called back directly from the handset's Incoming Call History Record (and not from the phonebook memory where the number is stored), the call will be routed through CSL's IDD 001 service and CSL's IDD 001 charges will apply.

**Please note that the availability of the caller's number will depend on overseas network operators.