uHub plus cloud storage service handle all multimedia content such as movies, music, photos, movies, documents and etc. Saving your data in a uHub plus cloud storage enables you to conveniently retrieve it from any location served by Internet access.
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uHub plus cloud storage service overview

  1. “Portable hard disk”, secure backup - uHub plus is like a portable hard disk that backs up your files safely using encryption, whether you connect via a smartphone app or PC. You can retrieve files even if you lose your smartphone, or get a new handset. In fact, you can back up files by connecting multiple computers or mobile phones. And it's so easy to organize your files.
  2. Easy to share, better quality- Why bombard friends with loads of photos via WhatsApp groups, when you can use a single share link? This way, your friends can see photos in one go and download original quality images far superior to the compressed result from WhatsApp.
  3. Trained by specialists, problem free - Simply email to techsupp@uhub.com if you have any uHub plus queries. Our staff are always ready to address your question. What's more, our service centre provides workshops, so you can develop more uHub plus skills.

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Monthly Plan

1O1O uHub plus cloud storage service
Storage 50GB 100GB 200GB
Monthly Fee $8/Monthly $15/Monthly $28/Monthly
Contract Period 12/18/24 months 12/18/24 months 12/18/24 months

Terms and Conditions for the uHub plus cloud storage service

uHub plus is provided by Hong Kong Telecommunications (HKT) Limited subject to the terms and conditions of uHub plus, available at http://www.uhub.com.