Importance notice:  True Identity Registration required for using China mobile numbers

Please note that True Identity Registration (“the Registration”) for China mobile numbers is now enforced by the Mainland Chinese Government. JustOne Card Service carries a China mobile number provided by China Unicom. China Unicom who is required under the regulation of People’s Republic of China to collect identity information from mobile service users of China numbers. Thus, in order to use a China mobile number, you are required to complete the Registration.

To assist our customers to comply with the Registration for the use of JustOne Card Service, we hereby provides relevant channels to our customers to submit the required identity information. Existing customers will be informed of the arrangement for Registration.

You are not obliged to provide any personal data to us for Registration. In such case, the Mainland Chinese Government will have the service of your China mobile number stopped and thus your JustOne Card Service shall cease to operate without further notice. In any event, all other services with your Hong Kong mobile number will not be affected and you may continue to use our roaming services at the prevailing roaming rates. Please note, under no circumstances will we make phone calls to you to collect your bank account information or passwords.

For further information or enquiry regarding the Registration, please contact our Customer Service Hotline at 2888 1010.