"KingKing" Voice Roaming Service - FAQ

"KingKing" FAQ


  1. What are KingKing’s advantages over traditional roaming voice services when overseas?
    KingKing is a roaming voice service based on Wi-Fi connectivity and offers FREE* voice call minutes for making outgoing calls to any Hong Kong number or receiving incoming calls from anywhere in the world.

    *HK$8/day for designated service plan.
  2. Do I have to apply for a new number to use KingKing?
    No. You can use your existing 1O1O mobile number for making/receiving calls, regardless of whether the distant-end person is using a fixed-line or mobile service provider in Hong Kong or some other geography.
  3. Do I, or the people I call, or who call me, need to install anything? 
    For voice calling, you need to download the KingKing application to use the service, but the people you call, or who call you, do not.
  4. Will I be charged for roaming or local mobile data connectivity?
    If KingKing is connected by Wi-Fi, you will not be charged for roaming or local mobile data connectivity. 
  5. Will I be charged normal local airtime when using KingKing?
    Only if you make an IDD call via KingKing.
  6. Will I be able to receive KingKing calls when surfing the Internet?
  7. Can I make emergency calls or send emergency SMS overseas?
    KingKing can be used to make emergency calls or send emergency SMS messages (applicable only to those registered for emergency SMS service) in Hong Kong, but should not be used to make emergency calls or send emergency SMS to a local emergency centre while outside Hong Kong.
  8. How do I make an outgoing call via KingKing to destinations outside Hong Kong?
    It’s just like making an IDD call while in Hong Kong, which means “+” and a country code (eg 44 for the UK) need to be entered before the actual phone number.
  9. I don’t have an IDD account, so how do I call destinations outside Hong Kong? 
    You can call the 24-hour Consumer Service Hotline on 2888 1010 to register.
  10. How will I be notified that an incoming voicecall is connected via KingKing?
    When the KingKing app is connecting, the incoming call display will show the KingKing name and icon. 
  11. Will I be charged when sending SMS via KingKing?
    If you use KingKing to send SMS, charges will be calculated based on the SMS service (including intra-network, inter-network, or international arrangement) provided by us, as if you were in Hong Kong.
  12. I am an eSIM user, so why can't I use King King?
    King King works only when occupying a mobile device’s primary SIM slot and is not compatible with the secondary SIM slot. Please note King King is not compatible with eSIM, which is defined as a mobile device’s secondary SIM.



  1. Where can I download the KingKing application?
    You can use the following method to download: Go to Google Play or the App Store and use KingKing as the search phrase to get to the KingKing download facility. This will incur a mobile data charge.



  1. How do I access my voicemail via KingKing?
    You can use one of the following methods to access voicemail: Press the voicemail key, or call *92 directly.
  2. What is my voicemail password?
    A six-digit unified password, same as the one used for “My Account”. Please press *111 to set the password, if necessary.


Service features

  1. Is caller display available to KingKing users?
    Yes. The same caller ID/picture saved in your handset’s phonebook will appear for all KingKing calls.
  2. Will my Secretarial Service work with KingKing calls?
    It will not work when your KingKing application is on and connected. Once the KingKing application is disconnected, Secretarial Service will resume automatically.
  3. Is call waiting available with KingKing?
    No. It does not work with KingKing. If you are already engaged on a call, the other caller will be redirected to voicemail.
  4. Can I use conditional call-forwarding (ie **67*, **61* or **62*) for KingKing calls, instead of voicemail?
  5. Does multi-party call conferencing work via KingKing?
    No. Only a regular voice call will support multi-party call conferencing.
  6. Will Hong Kong connecting tones work with KingKing?
    A: No.
  7. Can I customise the KingKing ringtone?
    A: No. A KingKing call will use the ringtone set in your handset for a normal voice call.
  8. Can I make Infoline 900 or calls started with * or #?
    A: No.


Technical support

  1. Will KingKing work in flight mode?
    No. You must turn off flight mode to use KingKing.
  2. Will KingKing work if I am outside mobile network coverage?
    KingKing is connected only by Wi-Fi,so mobile network connectivity is not necessary.
  3. Will KingKing work with a home or hotel’s free Wi-Fi service?
    Yes. KingKing works with any Wi-Fi connectivity, regardless of whether it is free in a hotel or from a router in someone’s home (note: 1O1O cannot guarantee KingKing service performance nor voice call quality at every Wi-Fi hotspot).
  4. Why is KingKing call quality poor for some calls?
    This could be caused by weak Wi-Fi connectivity. Please move to an area served by better Wi-Fi coverage and stay there until you finish your call.
  5. Will KingKing work with touch-tone services, such as phone-banking and IVRS?
  6. When I am on a KingKing call, will the call disconnect if I leave Wi-Fi coverage?
    Yes, the call will drop because Wi-Fi connectivity will be lost. We recommend you stay within coverage until you finish your call.
  7. Will my KingKing application reconnect to Wi-Fi automatically when I return to an area served by Wi-Fi?
    No. You will need to connect your KingKing application to Wi-Fi manually. You will be able to receive calls via regular voice connectivity until you reconnect KingKing.
  8. Why can’t I connect to KingKing when my handset detects Wi-Fi?
    The Wi-Fi signal only shows you are within hotspot coverage. You may need to log into the Wi-Fi network before proceeding to KingKing (note: 1O1O cannot guarantee KingKing service performance nor voice call quality at every single Wi-Fi hotspot).
  9. Why is KingKing call quality better on a headset than when I hold the handset to my ear?
    Some handsets are intelligent enough to turn off the screen when a human face is detected to avoid buttons being touched accidentally. However, the turn-off screen mode will also switch Wi-Fi connectivity automatically to power-save mode, thereby rendering call quality unstable or poor because of a weak connection. You can edit turn-off screen mode using the KingKing application: Go to “More” and tick “Keep Screen On”.
  10. Can I use my Bluetooth headset with KingKing?
    Yes. KingKing is compatible with Bluetooth headset. 
  11. Why can’t I receive a call when my handset screen switches to standby mode (ie when the handset screen is off)?
    Some handsets may turn off Wi-Fi connectivity in standby mode, thereby disconnecting KingKing.
    You can edit standby mode in your handset’s settings as follows: Settings > Applications > Development > Stay awake (you need to connect your handset with a power cord)
  12. Why can’t I receive incoming calls when I can make an outgoing KingKing call?
    Please check you have enabled an unconditional call-forwarding function (**21*). If so, then please disable it (##21#) before re-starting the KingKing application by pressing the on/off button once.
  13. Why can’t I make outgoing KingKing calls when I can receive incoming KingKing calls?
    Please check whether the outgoing voice function of your account has been barred. You may want to contact the 24-hour 1O1O Consumer Service Hotline on  2888 1010 for assistance.
  14. Can I use KingKing with Pocket Wi-Fi?
  15. Can I use KingKing as a 1SIM2Number subscriber?
    Yes. Caller display will show your Hong Kong mobile number only when making an outgoing call via KingKing, even if you are inside China Unicom’s network coverage. You are required to pay an Outside Region Connection Fee of HK$1/minute to receive calls via the secondary number (ie China Unicom mobile number) in addition to the standard KingKing service charge, which is applicable to all destinations.
  16. KingKing calling unavailable in some countries?
    KingKing calling is not available in some countries, you will not be able to place or receive calls. If you are in one of these countries, we suggest you use roaming data services to ensure the proper functioning of KingKing calling feature.