iPhone 15 series with 1O1O 5G Network





Local Mobile Data(3)





Unlimited (Max 1Mbp(3)) Unlimited (Max 2Mbps(3)) Unlimited (Max 3Mbps(3)) Including Basic Plan ($63)(4) & Now E Basic Pack Service(4)
Commitment Period Handset Discount(1)
24 Months


36 Months




1O1O 5G Prestige


Additional SIM(9)

1st additional SIM : $120
2nd additional SIM: $100
3rd additional SIM : $60
4th additional SIM : $20

(Primary local data sharing and unlimited local voice)

1O1O Privilege(10)

2 Years' The Club
Platinum Membership

Local Voice Call(5)


5G Value-added Services(6)

2 Months' Complimentary Service
(normally $220)

2 Months' Complimentary Service
(normally $156)

Handset Switch Service(7)

Free 2 Months' Monthly Fee
(normally $96)


Terms and Conditions:

  1. Customers are required to subscribe to a designated service plan, choose a designated handset, subscribe to value-added services to the value of not less than HK$39 (if applicable) per month, and agree to a commitment period of 24 months/36 months. An MTR/Tunnels/Mobile Licence/Administration Fee of HK$18 per month applies to all plans. For service details and service plan Terms & Conditions, please visit the 1O1O website. Extra prepayment is required (amount depends on device/ service plan you choose). The prepayment sum and additional rebate amount will be credited to your 1O1O account by installments during the commitment period.
  2. The availability of different model and color are subject to the actual stock of the store and with limited quantity by first come first served basis.
  3. 5G 30GB/65GB/110GB service plan includes 30GB/65GB/110GB monthly local data with thereafter maximum uplink and downlink for data access at 1 Mbps respectively. 5G 180GB/330GB service plan includes 180GB/330GB monthly local data with thereafter maximum uplink and downlink for data access at 2 Mbps/ 3 Mbps respectively. Actual speeds experienced will be considerably less than the network specifications and will be affected by Internet conditions, server speeds, network conditions, coverage, location, device used, hardware, software, usage levels and other factors. For selected 5G service plans, your basic and top up entitlement support tethering and peer-to-peer (P2P) functions (such as Bit-Torrent). For customers with multiple or additional sim cards, only one sim card can support tethering and peer-to-peer (P2P) functions at a time. Any breach of these restrictions may lead to suspension of your service or additional charges by us.
  4. 1O1O 5G Service Plan X Netflix is only applicable to 1O1O customers who have subscribed to “1O1O 5G Service Plan X Netflix (65GB/110GB)” mobile service and data plans. The contract commitment period is 24/36 months. For related service content, terms and conditions, please visit https://www.1010.com.hk/en/netflix. NowE Pack: Now News, Now Sports Prime, Viu Premium, ViuTV.
  5. An additional 5G SIM card is applicable to designated service plans only. Customer can subscribe to an additional 5G SIM card in respect of the primary SIM service contract period to a maximum of four additional 5G SIM cards. You are required to subscribe to each additional 5G SIM card for a commitment period of 24, 30 or 36 months. All additional 5G SIM card usage will be deducted from your service plan’s entitlement. Roaming charges apply when using an additional 5G SIM card overseas.
  6. This service plan uses 5G spectrum, which is only available for designated locations with the use of compatible devices. Actual speeds customers experience will be less than the specifications and will be affected by the device used, location, network conditions and other extraneous factors. In areas outside of our 5G coverage, you will be provided with a 3G and/or 4G Mobile Service.
  7. If the customer chooses to terminate this service before the expiry of the commitment period of the above service for any reason, the customer must pay the early termination fee, which is the sum of the original monthly fee remaining in the commitment period of the above service.

CSL Mobile Limited reserves the right to terminate or change these Service Plans, offers or terms and conditions at any time without prior notice. Unless otherwise specified, this offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotional offer or discount. In case of dispute, the decision of CSL Mobile Limited shall be final and binding.

For details of charges and service plans, please refer to our website www.1010.com.hk.
For details of iPhone, please visit www.apple.com/hk/iphone/.