1O1O exclusively presents^

the 5G Black Shark Pro 5 gaming handset

The beefy 5G Black Shark Pro 5 gaming device comes
equipped with Snapdragon 8 Gen 1,
plus Magnetic Pop-up Triggers and 120W Hyper Charge –
all to heighten your game-streaming pleasure

Black Shark 5 Pro

  • Snapdragon 8 Gen 1

  • 120W Hyper Charge +
    4650mAh Dual Batteries

  • Magnetic
    Pop-up Triggers

  • JoyUI 13,
    based on MIUI

Top-notch gear enhances
your gaming journey

so subscribe to a 1O1O 5G Prestige service
and get a Black Shark Pro 5 handset for $0+, plus:

Black Shark
JoyBuds Pro

Suggested Retail Price: $599

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Black Shark GamePad
3.0 Set - Left

Suggested retail price: $328


Black Shark
Magnetic Cooler

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Black Shark Lucifer T1
TWS Gaming Earphone

Suggested retail price: $328


Enjoy the ultimate in handset gaming
performance from the Black Shark 5 Pro

Terms & Conditions:
^ Exclusive dealer among the mobile network service operators in Hong Kong. The handset functions and performance are provided by the supplier.
+ Terms and Conditions of Black Shark 5 Pro handset for $0:
  1. Promotion period valid until further notice.
  2. To activate the 5G function, it is required to subscribe the designated 5G service and/or service plan. This service plan uses 5G spectrum, which is only available for designated locations with the use of compatible devices. Actual speeds customers experience will be less than the specifications and will be affected by the device used, location, network conditions and other extraneous factors. 5G network coverage is subject to the actual coverage of network provider. Please contact your network provider for details. In areas outside of our 5G coverage, you will be provided with a 3G and/or 4G Mobile Service.
  3. The above offer applies only to customer subscribing to a designated service plan, designated VAS to the value of HK$39/month and designated number of additional SIM service (if applicable), and agreeing to a commitment period of 24 months. Also payable is an MTR/Tunnels/Mobile Licence/Administration Fee of HK$18 per month, plus a prepayment sum, which will be rebated to your 1O1O account by installments during the commitment period. If terminate the service before the expiry of the Commitment Period, then you will need to pay immediately the early termination charges, which is sum of the monthly fee for remaining commitment period, described in the Application, and we may charge you for the full value of the premiums you received.
  4. Customers must register and activate The Club membership account in order to earn Clubpoints. Clubpoints will be credited to The Club member’s account within 14 days upon the service activation. The calculation and redemption of Clubpoints subject to related terms and conditions of Club HKT Limited, for details, please visit The Club website www.theclub.com.hk.
  5. Photos for reference only. Offer available while stocks last. Offers cannot be used in conjunction with other discounts, offers or promotions. In the event of dispute, decisions made by CSL Mobile Limited shall be final and binding. For details, please contact a member of our 1O1O Center staff or call 2988 1010.
Restart 3.0 Handset Switch ServiceTerms and Conditions
  1. Restart 3.0 Handset Switch Service (the “Service”) is provided to you by Bolttech Device Protection Hong Kong Limited. You confirm to have read, understood and accepted the terms and conditions of bolttech (the “Restart Program Terms and Conditions”) as stated in https://restart-device.bolttech.hk/hk/en/terms-and-conditions
  2. Unless otherwise explicitly indicated by us in writing, the Service is available only to HKID or passport holders who have subscribed to our post-paid services.
  3. The Service is only applicable to designated handset or tablet models.
  4. To apply for the Service,
    1. You must subscribe to designated mobile plans (“Designated Mobile Plans”) at the time of Service subscription; or
    2. You have an Eligible Handset or tablet, please refer to https://restart-device.bolttech.hk/hk/en/activation/device-details for details.
  5. Eligible Handset or tablet means a device which are
    1. purchased from csl, 1O1O as a standalone handset /tablet or a designated retailer; and
    2. handset/ tablet owned by you.
  6. Eligible Handset or tablet must be in good conditions.  Upon your application, you will be required to present your handset or tablet for inspection to see if it is eligible for the Service, as well as provide the device model and IMEI number of your handset or tablet. Application for the Service is subject to approval by bolttech.
  7. Upon approval, the Service commences from the service commencement date indicated by bolttech in its confirmation email to you.
  8. The Service allows you to during the Service period (i) switch your designated registered handset/tablet for a replacement device  (“Replacement Device”) during the Service period by paying to bolttech a switch fee (the “Switch Fee”) of 28% of the suggested retail price of your registered device prevailing at the time of your service application at csl/1O1O store (the “Original SRP”) or (ii) enjoy a screen repair by paying to bolttech a screen repair  fee (the “ Screen Repair Fee”) of 3%. You will also be required to pay a monthly subscription fee (as set out in the application form) for the Service.  “Restart Program Terms and Conditions” apply. For “related bolttech Terms, please see “Restart Program Terms and Conditions”.
  9. Please refer to Restart Program Terms and Conditions for the number of device switch or screen repair you are entitled to during each 12-month rolling period during the Service period.  Screen repair service is available to designated handset and tablet.
  10. The Replacement Device is supplied and delivered to you by bolttech. CSL Mobile Limited (“CSL”) expressly disclaims any warranties or representations of any kind in relation to the Replacement Device (whether express or implied).
  11. The Replacement Device does come with the original packaging. It is not guaranteed that the Replacement Device is of the same model or colour as your registered device.
  12. CSL is not the supplier of the Service, and makes no representation or guarantee as to the quality of the Service provided by bolttech. In case of any enquiry or dispute about the Service, please contact bolttech directly on 58032496.
  13. If you terminate the Service before the expiry of the commitment period for the Service, CSL will charge you early termination charges, which are the sum of the monthly fees for the Service for the remaining unexpired period.
  14. The Service will terminate immediately when your Designated Mobile Plan is terminated by you or by CSL.
  15. The General Terms and Conditions of CSL apply (https://www.hkcsl.com/en/service-terms-and-conditions/) to the relationship between CSL and you in respect of the Designated Mobile Plan and the Service.
  16. In the event of any discrepancies between the Chinese and English versions of these terms and conditions, the English version shall prevail.
  17.  If you do not hand in your registered device or fail to comply with “Restart 3.0 Program Terms and Conditions” , bolttech may charge you up to 72% of the Original SRP in addition to the Switch Fee. bolttech may take a hold on your credit card at the time of the switch for the purposes of such additional charge.

^ For details on updating original registered device, please visit https://restart-device.bolttech.hk/hk/en/terms-and-conditions.

@ New device: A replacement device of the same model and colour as your registered device, or choose from a selection of devices of similar generation and price range (subject to availability).

For Restart Handset Switch Service Terms and Conditions registered before 17th May,2022, please visit https://restart-device.bolttech.hk/hk/en/terms-and-conditions