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First mobile operator in Hong Kong to offer an in-flight day pass for aircraft data roaming

1O1O is privileged to present the Hong Kong’s first in-flight day pass! For a fixed daily charge, you can enjoy 24 hours’ hassle-free in flight data roaming service. With the data roaming day pass, two available aircraft roaming networks AeroMobile and OnAir, you can use mobile phone to browse the web, send/receive email, keep in touch with friends and family, check and confirm booking for your trip. So sit back, relax, and keep in touch while in flight. Bon voyage!

Service Benefits

Stay connected

Stay connected with friends
and family on the ground

No bill shock^

Instant data roaming
when you confirm
^ set up at 1O1O App required.

Value for money

Enjoy 24 hours’ hassle-free
in flight data roaming at a fixed rate
Coverage and charges
for 24 hours’ hassle-free in flight data roaming
(* Limited offer until 30 September 2020)
$48 / 5MB

Airline served by the two aircraft roaming networks:


User Guide
Step 1:
Switch off “Airplane Mode” and switch on “Data Roaming” after service availability is announced.
Step 2:
Connect to the AeroMobile or OnAir network.
Step 3:
Click the free link in the SMS you receive to activate service.
Step 4:
Select the 24-hour Pass.
Step 5:
Confirm purchase.
In-flight Day pass is charged per aircraft roaming network. If your journey involves 2 flights which are served by different aircraft roaming networks, you will be charged 2 Day Passes even within a day (24 hours upon usage).

Important things to note for aircraft roaming:
  1. The cabin crew will announce when aircraft roaming is available. Please follow in-flight instructions as to when to switch off “Airplane Mode” and switch on “Data Roaming”.
  2. Availability of aircraft roaming service depends on aircraft types. Please check with airlines for details before travel.
  3. Please be considerate if you have to make/receive a call (extra charges required, please click here for details.)as it may cause disturbance to other passengers.
  4. You are recommended to switch off automatic software updates over cellular data on your devices as this may slow down the speed of your in-flight data roaming.

Call the 1O1O Product Hotline on 2988 1010
or visit a 1O1O Center for details.

Special Terms and Conditions for the In-flight Day Pass for aircraft roaming service- Data Roaming Day Pass (“Service”) by CSL Mobile Limited (“we/ our”)
  1. The In-flight Day Pass for aircraft roaming service (“In-flight Day Pass”) is charged at $98 per day during the promotion period (from 1 Sep 2017 00:00 till 30 September 2020 23:59 Hong Kong Time) and at $178/$198 per day after the promotion period (1 May 2020 00:00 Hong Kong Time onwards), on a per SIM card, per day, per Applicable aircraft roaming network. You can use this Service to send/receive emails, text or browse the internet. A day means 24 hours after your first data roaming usage at the applicable aircraft roaming network included in the Service. For the supported airline, please visit the applicable link for the details.
  2. “In-flight Day Pass” is only available to selected Personal Account 1O1O. service plan customers who have activated IDD and roaming service and Data Roaming Day Pass . By subscribing to Data Roaming Day Pass , you understand and agree that you may only use this service via the Applicable Roaming Operators of the selected Applicable Aircraft Roaming Networks as set out above or as from time to time updated on our website at
  3. In some cases, the In-flight Day Pass discounted amount (“Amount”) may be awarded to a customer in the form of a rebate eight weeks after expiry of the promotion period, and will appear in the customer’s mobile service account. Upon the Amount rebate, customers should be the active subscribers of 1010 service plan. Otherwise, the Amount will be forfeited immediately without any prior notice. We shall not be liable to any party nor any lost incurred for the forfeiture of the Amount.
  4. When the plane is taking-off or landing, you cannot use mobile phone service in-flight. After the cabin crew announces that mobile phones can be used, you will be advised to switch on your phones then they will be automatically logged-on the available aircraft roaming network.
  5. The aircraft roaming networks support 3G (AeroMobile) and 2.5G (OnAir). The data speed of in-flight Day Pass may vary depending on different devices and the air travel regulations. You are advised to disable any automatic software updates on smartphones, tablets or laptops as these updates may take up a large bandwidth of your connection, hence slowing down data roaming speed. You are also advised not to make phone call in-flight as this may disturb other passengers. Please be considerate if you have to make / receive a call.
  6. If you are taking more than one flight and the flights are supported by the SAME aircraft roaming network within the Day Pass (24 hours upon usage), ONE Day Pass will be charged. If you are taking more than one flight and the flights are supported by the Different aircraft roaming networks within a Day Pass (24 hours upon usage), TWO Day Passes will be charged. So on and so forth.
  7. Unless otherwise specified, the Promotion cannot be used in conjunction with any other discount, offer or promotion and in non-transferable nor exchangeable for cash or other products/services.
  8. We reserve the right to change the Service and these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice. All matters and disputes will be subject to our final decision.
  9. The Service is subject to the terms and conditions of our Mobile Service Agreement and the terms and conditions of any third party suppliers.