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1O1O is delighted to be among the first presenting seamless coverage in all MTR lines^.
The seamless 5G extravaganza is now here to be explored.

Unleash the potential of
5G entertainment -
with all your favorite entertainment from Now E and Netflix#

Subscribe to a designated
5G Prestige Service to get

iPhone 12 Pro Max (128GB)

for HK$305 /month~

(normally HK$9,399)

iPhone 12 Pro (128GB)

for HK$273 /month~

(normally HK$8,499)

Essential for iPhone 12:
Apple 20W USB-C Charger~
(normally: HK$149)
• Supports USB-C devices
• Equipped with fast charging

What’s more, extend your service plan for another 12 months can get

Momax Airbox True Wireless Power Bank
(normally HK$1,688)

This allows you to recharge your iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad and AirPods all at the same time.


Trade-in your designated handset/ smart gadget models to get extra monthly fee rebate worth


Free 24-month Elite Mobile Care&

Enjoy a truly genuine
5G network plus appealing offers

Extra 30GB
of local data per month to experience the new 5G audio-visual entertainment(1)

2 months’
complimentary value-added 5G services(2)

Exclusive Privilege for 1O1O Customer Data Transfer Service & 1-on-1 Handset Tutorial

The high-speed cross-platform Ultimate Data Transfer Solution transfers your WhatsApp messages, photos and apps from one handset to another in seconds.

Professional handset tutorial and data removal service from previous handset

Mobile device data transfer service

Experience the ultimate power of iPhone 12 series

Photos for reference only.
Terms & Conditions apply.

Terms & Conditions:
^ Our 5G network covers all MTR stations (except High Speed Railway Line), according to test results conducted on March 31, 2021. Leading seamless 5G coverage went live, so customers can use our 5G mobile network. Compares to other commercially launched mobile networks available to customers in Hong Kong as of 14 Oct 2020 with the public information available at the websites of other mobile network operators in Hong Kong.
# 1O1O 5G Service Plan X Netflix”(the “Services”) is only applicable to 1O1O customers who have subscribed to “1O1O 5G Service Plan X Netflix (50GB/100GB)” mobile service and data plans. The contract period of The Services is 24 month, which includes Netflix Basic (HK $63/month) or Netflix Premium ( HK$93/month), and NowE Pack: Now NewsNow Sports Prime, Viu Premium, ViuTV. To use the Services, customers must register for a Netflix and NowE account. Terms and conditions apply for 1O1O 5G Service Plan X Netflix (50GB/100 GB). Details refer to:
% Must agree to a 24-month commitment period. Terms & Conditions apply:
~ Must subscribe to a designated iPhone 12 Pro / iPhone 12 Pro Max service plan, designated VAS to the value of HK$39/month or above, and agreeing to a commitment period of 24 months. Also payable is an MTR/Tunnels/Mobile Licence/Administration Fee of HK$18 per month, plus a prepayment sum and extra monthly fee (depends on the selected smart gadget and service plan), which will be rebated to your 1O1O account by installments during the commitment period. Monthly payments must be made by credit card autopay. Both prepayment sum and the handset price must be paid by installments over 24 months by designated credit card. Apple 20W USB-C Charger is not applicable to iPhone 12 Pro service plan. This service plan uses 5G spectrum, which is available only at designated locations when using a compatible device. Actual speeds customers experience will be less than the specifications and will be affected by the device used, location, network conditions and other factors. 3G and/or 4G mobile service will be provided outside our 5G coverage. For selected 5G service plans, your basic and top up entitlement support tethering and peer-to-peer (P2P) functions (such as Bit-Torrent). For customers with multiple or additional sim cards, only one sim card can support tethering and peer-to-peer (P2P) functions at a time. Any breach of these restrictions may lead to suspension of your service or additional charges by us.
* CSL Mobile Limited is exclusive global retailer until further notice.
+ Trading-in is applicable only to designated brands and handset/ smart gadget models. A trade-in rebate will be credited to your 1O1O account by installments during 10 months of the commitment period. 1O1O would not accept the trade in devices of parallel imported or repaired / altered not by the authorized maintenance agents.
& Elite Mobile Care (the “Protection”) is arranged by HKT Care, a service brand of HKT Financial Services (IA) Limited (“HKTIA”) and underwritten by FWD General Insurance Company Limited (“FWDGI”) in accordance with its terms and conditions (“Device Protection Insurance Policy – Elite Plan”). For details of the Protection and registration, please call HKT Care Customer Service Hotline 8209 0098 or visit HKT Care website and 1O1O webpage: to learn more.
1. The additional 30GB of local 5G data per month is applicable only to 80GB or more 5G service plans during the commitment period.
2. Those who subscribe to a designated 5G service plan will get two months’ free use of MOOV 24-bit Music Service and/or the csl. 5G VR app. After the free trial period is accepted by the customer, he/she agrees to use MOOV 24-bit Music Service and the csl. 5G VR app for a monthly fee of HK$68 and HK$78 respectively. These services automatically renew until cancelled. If you do not agree to subscribing to MOOV 24-bit Music Service and the csl. 5G VR app after the free trial, we require seven days’ notice before the end of the free trial period. If you do not wish to opt for the free trial, you must notify our sales staff when signing up to the monthly plan. Applicable only to compatible handsets.
Photos for reference only. Unless otherwise specified, this offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotional offer or discount. In case of dispute, the decision of CSL Mobile Limited shall be final and binding. Please call 29881010 for details.